Thursday, October 09, 2008

Saunas and storms

During the day I threaded my way between the islands of Surabaya. I'd considered stopping here if I needed a rest, but as all was going well I've decided to push on for Kumai. Dolphins joined me as I entered the shallow waters (less than 100m) of the Java Sea. There's also an increase in fishing boats, so I'd hoped for some action from squidy - nothing. Just a couple of false alarms from hooked flotsam.
I spent the day hiding from the sun and instead found myself in a sauna AND I've still 6 degrees to go to the equator. Somehow it seemed appropriate to be hearing news of financial melt-down as I dripped with sweat.

At dusk the weather suddenly changed. Like the first night I was treated to a blinding electrical storm, but this time the storm clouds were overhead. We've seen rapid changes in the weather before, but this one was exceptional. One moment I was rolling along under full-main and poled-out genoa the next the wind switched direction and dramatically increased. Still it was refreshing having cold rain drilling into my skin with an occasional warm wave dousing me as I struggled to reef the main at the mast. A perfect antidote to the lethargy of the day.

Sadly after a couple of exhilarating hours, the wind died completely. Rather than spending the night motoring I decided to wait for the wind, resulting in an overnight total of half a mile in the wrong direction.

Position @ 9.00am 9/10/2008 S6deg 19.2' E113deg27.8'
Distance to go: 240

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