Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kumai River

The anchorage just behind the headland proved to be well protected and just after 1am I gratefully crawled into bed. Normally I'm up with the sun. Not this morning. I slept soundly until just after 9am. I almost leapt out of bed to check the course and look out for shipping before I remembered where I was.

After a lazy start, enjoying savouring breakfast in a calm anchorage, I remembered I still had 45 miles to go up the river to Kumai. Adding to the challenge my various pilot guides, charts and software gave little indication if the tide in the river would be favourable or not.

Memories of east coast sailing returned as I sailed through muddy waters crossing banks with less than 2m under the keel leading to the entrance to the river. Once in the broad river I was in luck, the tide was with me and the depths increased - although the mud remained. I made it to Kumai with time to spare, dropping anchor a little before 6pm.

Anchorage behind headland: S3deg21.9' E111deg46.4'
Kumai: S2deg44.5' E111deg44.0'

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