Monday, October 27, 2008

Opposite Singapore

Mishap free I completed the short trip to Nongsa Point marina yesterday morning. I even had a following wind helping me conserve my meagre fuel reserves.

What an odd place. A marina resort with premium prices, miles from the nearest habitation. I've developed an aversion to marinas. For one thing, Kika suddenly grows as I try to manoeuvre her into a pontoon, but more importantly why pay to stay in a car park when you can be surrounded by nature for free on the anchor. That said, I still enjoy a good daydream in a long warm shower and the staff are all very friendly, even apologetic when asking the exorbitant prices for fuel and laundry. I came here to check-out, perhaps more research would have revealed cheaper less sterile options.

Yesterday Singapore was shrouded in mist, today I can see high-rise across the Strait. It looks strangely appealing after so long away from "civilisation". I'm planning to anchor on the Malaysian side north of Singapore Island and I've just realised the complexity of the Malaysian flag - quite a shock after the elegant simplicity of the Indonesian colours. Time to get creative with the paint brushes....

26/10, 11.30: Nongsa Point marina: N01° 11.8' E104° 05.8'

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