Friday, October 17, 2008

A good catch

There's no rest for a single-handed sailor in the Java sea. Like the day before, yesterday morning I became a small plaything blown in all directions by the thunderstorms to the north and south of me.In my effort to keep sailing in vaguely the planned direction I gybed four times and put the pole out, then brought it back down six times. Exhausting and wet - how many wind shifts can you have in an hour? Fortunately the wind settled down by late afternoon, leaving me only to contend with threading my way through the local fishing fleet off the banks I passed just to the south of.

Highlight of the day was the catch of the day - a metre long wahoo. My first ever wahoo. I'm 20 miles off the anchorage on Palau Belitung, hope there are some other boats in the anchorage as I'll struggle to finish it myself, despite valiant efforts at breakfast, lunch, dinner, second breakfast, mid-afternoon snack, mid-night feast ... etc
Looking forward to a rest before I tackle the shipping further north...

Position @ 7.00 (17/10/2008) S3deg 08.9' E108deg 37.8'


Joseph Amato said...

I see that you are now crewless, do you need any help? I am currently in Singapore and have been searching (unsuccessfully) for a berth on a passing vessel. I'm a hard worker and adventurous to a fault. Also I am willing to work for free (and pay for my own food), I just want to get out on the water.

If you need a hand please email me


Brian Mac said...

JOseph - DO you like Wahoo?! I hope so! Good luck - Nick is a great skipper...

Nick, cheers for the updates. I loved the snag list - I'm sure you'll still be trying to eliminate creaks as you approach the muddy estuaries of the UK.

Getting back into the blog after a break. It feels like my favourite TV show has come back to life after far too long a break since the first series!