Friday, October 24, 2008

Coup in the skies

Think the gods must have read yesterday's account and decided the bad publicity would harm their image. What a contrast. The day began with a fine breeze from behind over a calm sea with no rain. OK I still had to contend with an adverse tide but what do you expect from the gods - miracles??

A few hours later there seemed to be some kind of coup with the hardliners taking over and arranging a head-wind. However it felt more of a token gesture as the hardline element couldn't cajole the clouds into drenching me or agitate the sea into a fury.

I'm happy I decided to day-hop up the coast, with little moon light it would be almost impossible to avoid the frequent unlit fishing platforms and fishing buoys - it's hard enough during the day.The chart tells me I've reached the South China Sea - not sure how that happened. It also warns me I'm in a "FORMER MINED AREA" ... "mines could still present a hazard for vessels anchoring, fishing or engaged in submarine or seabed operations".

Difficult call, you either run into a fishing platform at night or risk an explosion when you drop anchor for a sleep.

16:00, 24/10, anchorage between Senimpan and Baru islands: N00deg 27.13' E104deg24.7'

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