Thursday, June 30, 2005

Teething Problems

Things are really coming together. The wind generator arrived yesterday and Fed Ex tried to deliver the wind vane today (they sound similar but are SO different and we need them both) . The wind generator gives us power from the wind and the wind vane helps helm the boat. Both big, essential additions to Kika which will reduce the stress and strains of a long voyage. We still don't have the wind vane but it's within our reach which is closer than we thought it would ever be. We found it on ebay and all seemed well at first, but early on, things went awry. The sellers we're uncommunicative and unhelpful when it didn't arrive. As time went on, they relinquished all responsibility and accused Nick of attempted fraud over the non-delivery. It seems Fed Ex have saved the day, though lets not count our chickens cos neither of us have laid eyes on it yet. It's very existence has assumed mythical proportions with us - I'm sure it will be disappointing when it finally arrives.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Weather links

Below are some weather sites we've found useful. It's useful when we're in an Internet cafe without our bookmarks. Most of the links have been lifted directly from Frank Singleton's site