Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog updates

I've made the most of finally having access to reasonably fast Internet access to update the map.

I've also added more photos, including some of the Orangutans up the Kamai river. See the blog entry here. A preview:

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Anonymous said...


I came across your blog on the LP website. I'm wondering though, are you on an infinite journey around the world? or just doing some temporary roaming? I grew up sailing and racing in Boston Harbor, USA, and since have taught sailing lessons and worked on several boats. Unfortunately now i've settled into full time employment and dont have the time to take care of a boat. Dropping everything and doing as you are is in the back of my mind though. How did you pull it off?

If you've got some extra time, send me an Email.

And if you ever need reliable crew, or know any resources to find boats looking for crew i'd be appreciative of that as well.