Tuesday, March 01, 2005


A record of boats we've befriended on our travels:
  • Mark and Nat on Freespirit of Itchenor, our SSB, Canarian & Atlantic crossing partners and original sailing buddies.
  • Amanada and Brendan on Alliage. Another Rival owner who we met in Grenada and spent time with in the Venezuelan islands.
  • Walter and Rita on Noa our Colon anchorage, Penrhyn & NZ dockyard partners
  • Will, Alyssa and the mysterious Simon on Ragtime (wot no website). One of the members of our Pacific crossing possy. What's the story with the compass light labelled "pump" - designed to confuse delivery crew
  • Matt and Togs on Helene, provided much needed entertainment on the Pacific crossings
  • Jamie & Lucy on Savoir Vivre. We chased them from Bonaire across the Pacific finally catching-up with them in Tonga
  • Jim and Ged on Albert II, Jimmy is their guide
  • Toya and Steve from Namibia on their catamaran Cheers. They wouldn't let me forget a single drunken premature exit from the dinghy, but made up for it with their fun company in Whangarei
  • Astrid and Jasper on Antares. Made our stay in Curacao far more fun than we deserved, not to mention that Jasper saved the galley from a covering of Sikaflex by lending his experience at a critical moment.
  • Inga and Johan on Adriatica, we always have good time when we see them
  • Sten and Danika on Mata'irea, added much excitement to our sail from Vanuatu to Australia
  • Gif and Patty on Phoenix, great to meet them in Noumea then catch up with them again in Vanuatu and Darwin
  • The well travelled Tom & Vicky Jackson on the beautiful Sunstone
  • Dave and Sussanne on Cheshire last seen in Panama, then they turned up in Dockland 5 and helped made the endless boat work more enjoyable
  • Kieran and Ele on Dart Warrior helped us pass the time while we were stormed bound in Barbarte
  • Pieter, Arjanne and family on Orion we first met in Santa Eugenia de Riveira and then again in Lazarote and Tenerife. Pieter cooks a great curry.
  • Andrew and Carolyn on Revision II; our friends originally from Graciosa, but now they´ve followed us into the Pacific!
  • Beth and Ken on well-prepared Eagle's Wings, we first met in Curacao, then San Blas and Panama. Thanks for the fridge, engine and all the other help and advice
  • Michel and Isabel on Ouf. Our sailing buddies from Los Monjes to San Blas. Thanks for all the lobster.
  • Matt and Tracy on Helene. Fellow Colon inmates.
  • Peter & Val on Valhalla - another Barbate storm partner, we enjoyed their practical approach to fixing problems; using West Systems epoxy resin to repair a broken tooth. We met again in Gibraltar, but narrowly missed them in Tenerife when they headed off on the Blue Water Rally
  • Gordon and Anne on Wild Irish Rose, who helped us sample Port in Viano do Castello
  • John and Mo on Ocean star who helped us sort out our wind-vane self-steering and introduced us to the pleasures of Pimientos de Padron and Spanish spirits.
  • Erik, Eirill and family on Veto, we first met in La Coruna then again in Lanzarote; a fellow Rival 38 owner.
  • Ellen and Ed on Entr'Acte, I got to tell you, we loved their pearls of wisdom:
    • If you can´t tie a knot tie a lot
    • It takes two people to do any job on a boat, one to do the job, the other to stay out of the g´dam way
  • David, Ellen, Eric and Jason onboard the legendary Peace and Aloha. Ellen was the net controller for our Atlantic crossing with the net often providing one of the highlights of our day. We finally met them in Martinique and they offered incredible valuable advice fresh from their circumnavigation.
  • Don and Laraine on Iolanthe. Don spared the time to offer advice on the exhaust sea-cock repair, despite having his work cut out with storm damage repairs Iolanthe.
  • Gerard on Calarabella sympathised with us over our numerous false starts from Santa-Cruz.
  • Those high energy boys, Ryan, Bryson and Hugh on Khulula
  • Following our wake across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Bo and Hanne on Njord

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