Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stronger Winds

Last night we had almost perfect sailing conditions - wind on the beam, moderate sea, clear skies, full moon. I even had a nocturnal dolphin visit during my watch. However even with full sail we only averaged 4 knots. Still a good reintroduction to passage making.

Today the winds have shifted to the SE, it's over-cast, feels colder and as if to reinforce that southern-ocean feel we had a couple of albatross circling close the boat, occasionally gliding past for a closer inspection. We're currently rolling along with poled out genoa and a couple of reefs in the main maintaining 6.5-7 knots. So far the weather is behaving as forecast.

Dug out the fishing line today, but without any success. Wonder if the fish prefer shiny hooks to rusty so called stainless steel ones.

We planned to alternate entry writing; me writing one day's entry, Charlotta the next, however until her sea-legs arrive, I'm afraid the entries will remain one-sided.

Position @ 22:30 19/4/2008: S33°39.05' E173°01.9'
Distance to New Caledonia: 730
Wind SE: 25+knots


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