Friday, April 25, 2008

Final day before landfall

What a contrast with yesterday. By midnight we'd shaken out the reefs and we were sailing over, rather than through, a much calmer sea. As we feared the wind shifted to the NNW - more or less exactly our heading, so with full sail and 15 knots of wind we started tacking toward New Cal. Progress was slow, with some significant waves to punch through. By mid-afternoon the wind died to around 5 knots and we admitted defeat and started the engine. Since then we've been motoring with intermittent attempts to sail.

If all goes well we'll be entering the outer reef soon after dawn and be on land again by midday. Much excitement on board. Still hoping to arrive with a fridge full of fish. A couple of bites today, keeping my faith that the new lure will deliver in the hour or so between dawn and our reef entry.

Position @ 7.40 - S23°33.8' E167°06.6'
Distance to New Cal: 74
Wind: N-NE 0-15

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