Monday, April 21, 2008

Calm after the storm

The wind and sea have been easing all day after yesterday's stormy conditions. Currently we're barely making 4 knots under full main and genoa. Hopefully tomorrow will bring winds between the two extremes of the last few days. Sad to report the loss of our ensign in the winds last night - hard to believe one of my knots failed, but that's what it looks like.The only other casualty of the conditions are the eggs, their box wasn't well enough wedged-in and I'm still plucking up courage to clean the contents of the locker from the egg remains.

It's started to get warmer - enough to strip down and have an invigorating cold water cockpit shower. Think Charlotta was a bit disappointed that the cold shower didn't follow a sauna and a whipping by birch twigs - I'm told it's the Scandinavian way. hmmmm

Fishing again, but no success. However a small shore-based looking bird (fantail?) hitched a lift for some of the day - might still be with us. I presume it's from NZ; I wonder how it will deal with life in New Caledonia?

Position @ 20:00 S29°56.2' E170°46.7'
Wind: SE 10knots
Distance to Noumea: 479

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