Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet the new crew

Meet the new crew in the style of the much-missed Innovations catalogue....

Put an end to back-breaking anchor retrieval with new motorised windlass:
new motorised windlass
New motorised windlass

Put an end to outboard unreliability and ease the burden of extra outboard weight with outboard and davit combination:

Put an end lack of cockpit storage misery with new enlarged port cockpit locker.

Put an end to solo sailing blues with Charlotta from Sweden:

As you might have read the trip up wasn't exactly the kind of sailing Charlotta had anticipated when she signed on for the return trip to Europe. In fact midway to New Calendonia she'd vowed never to set foot on a yacht again and fly back from New Cal. However time appears to have faded the memory of her seasickness and she is now planning to stay on to Darwin. Could selective memory for pain be an evolutionary trait; perhaps to ensure the birth of more than one child per generation, or maybe it's a Scandinavian trait as the memory of the long dark winter fades during the summer months and ensures people continue living in the northern wastes of Scandinavia (no offence intended to our Scandinavian readers). Whatever the reason I'm relieved as (to misquote Oscar Wilde)... to loose one crew may be regarded as a misfortune; to loose both might have people wondering if normally amiable Nick turns into some kind of Captain Bligh at sea.

So... crewing places available from Vanuatu to Europe via Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Red sea. Let me know if you are interested....

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