Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stormy Weather

On the positive side the wind generator is easily keeping the batteries fully charged, and we're making good progress towards Noumea, but what a ride. We're sailing with 3 reefs in the main and a small genoa making 7-8 knots. Down in the cabin all is relatively calm, but a wild scene greets us outside. We're spending the day resting down below, occasionally adjusting the sails and course. When outside we rarely venture from the safety and shelter of the spray hood, watching the sea heaping up behind us and marveling as we safely find our way over another wave with the wind steering working hard to keep us pointing in the right direction as we surf down the the other side. A couple of waves broke into the cockpit giving the cockpit the momentary appearance of a bath, at least the dust from shore has decisively disappeared down the drains. Not a fishing day. If my reading of the weather charts is reasonably accurate things should settle down a little tomorrow. We're both looking forward to more tropical weather soon, currently it feels like the North Atlantic in late Autumn.

Position at 18:50 NZT: S32°05.02' E171°35.9'
Distance to Nuemea: 613
Wind: SE 30-35 knots

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