Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kika pulls us through

Today we've learnt that Kika can take more than we can. The wind and sea continued building all day from NE. I fully reefed the main in the middle of night; at the time wondering if I was being a little over-cautious. By mid-morning I started wishing we had a fourth reef and considered digging out the storm jib and trisail. However after couple of hours drenching on the helm, I reassured myself we weren't ridiculously over-canvassed just suffering from a nasty steep cross sea.
From time to time a rogue wave would slam the hull sideways and over at an alarming angle as well as regularly dousing the boat. The cockpit drains have been earning their keep ... again.

The weather forecast appeared to predict that we'd pass to the north of the system giving the problem and we spent the day trying to reassure each other that the wind was indeed dropping. Meanwhile poor Kika was slowly transforming herself into a submarine.

Heading closer to wind seemed to ease the worst of the slamming and as the sun set we saw the first indications of clear skies ahead and a decrease in wind. Having said that it's pitch-black outside at the moment. Despite a re occurrence of Charlotta's seasickness, morale is surprising good, no culinary treats today - pasta and pesto (storm food) but music and singing drowned out the worst of the weather.

Too rough for fishing today.

Position @ 19:50 S24°31.16' E167°27.8
Wind: NE 25-35
Distance to New Caledonia: 134

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