Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pulau Pangkor

It was a short hop from the coastal anchorage to my next stop. I arrived mid-afternoon having slowly sailed and motored my way north. I choose the northern-most anchorage so that I'd reduce the following following day's trip.

For a change the water looked clear enough to swim in and I was about to jump in for my much anticipated first swim in Malaysia when I spotted one, two then three giant jelly fish in the water. These didn't seem to be randomly floating with the current, instead they appeared to be purposefully circling the spot where I intended to dive in. A little too off-putting. Instead I decided to overhaul the cockpit winches, as you do. I'd just taken the third one apart when the crew from the other boat in the anchorage came over to invite me for sun-downers. I'd never put a winch back together so quickly.
Pulau Pangkor: 18/11/2008: N4deg 14.91' E100deg32.58'

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