Thursday, November 20, 2008


It was a short hop to the city centre marina from Pulau Rimau up the strait between the mainland and Penang, as ever dodging the numerous fishing boats and lines of buoys en route. It's tricky working out what you need to avoid and what you can safely head over; at one point I made a wide detour around some fishing floats, only to discover I'd diverted around a rubbish slick of polystyrene.

As advertised the marina was in the city centre and with Penang billed the cuisine capital of Malaysia, I needed little encouragement to explore the range of food on offer. Close by were the colourful streets of the Indian quarter - "Little India" - serving up fabulous and good value food as well as an amazing variety of Malay and Chinese restaurants. What a treat.

Having filled-up with water, organised an extended visa for Thailand, visited the supermarket and laundry and sadly only sampled a small selection of the cuisine on offer, it was time to reluctantly bid farewell to Penang for the duty free delights of Langkawi...

Town centre marina: 20/11/2008: N5deg 24.85' E 100 20.6'

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