Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Off Penang

Another day of little wind and hard motoring to make the 65 miles to the closest anchorage off Penang. Well at least the batteries are well charged - I hope they appreciate it.

Lots of jelly fish in the water and a huge fleet of fishing boats were the only real distractions for the day. The familiar thunderstorm bought a short-lived downpour which allowed me to save an hour's worth of diesel and break-out the Jif for some more cleaning. Ominously dark storms clouds stayed to the south and west so I narrowly avoided the worse of the weather.The anchorage was beautiful, if a little roly. It was set in a small bay on an island off the southern coast of Penang. The bay was steep sided, with a beach at its head. On one side a lighthouse was perched on top of the cliffs poking out of the dense forest covering the island. While I worked out where to anchor just before dark, I spied three or four monkeys foraging on the beach.

Palau Rimau: 19/11/2008: N 5deg 14.7' E 100deg 16.4'

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