Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was 44 miles from Port Dixon to the river entrance, but just when you think you've made it, there was a further 14 miles inland. The river wound past the ultra modern container port, which morphed into mangrove covered islands and eventual lead to the ramshackle fishing wharfs of Klang. The trip up the strait required a vigilant lookout. I opted for the shortest inshore passage which meant constantly manoeuvring around long lines of fishing buoys as well as a dodging an unbelievable quantity of debris, including some vicious looking barnacle encrusted trunks.

Luckily my arrived was perfectly timed for celebrations making the start of the Klang to Langkawi race and managed to blag my way into the free evening barbeque. With free anchoring, free water taxi, free food, many familiar faces, and Kuala Lumpur a short train ride away I think I'll rest here for a few days, taking my time to get the mainsail seam restitched.

Looks like some boats are anticipating uninvited guests; I noticed at least one boat with a rat stopper set on its chain; not the kind of crew I'm after...

N3deg 00.6' E101deg 23.2'

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