Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuna at sunset

We've made our peace with the Arafura sea. The skies have cleared, the wind is moderating and the sea is slowly following suit, but most importantly it provided us with a decent sized yellow-fin tuna this afternoon.
We finished the day munching tuna steaks sitting on the foredeck watching the sunset. Don't know if we saw our supper's friend/mate but while we were tucking in, a large fish jumped 10m clear of the sea off our port bow. I've seen fish jumping before but nothing as impressive as this before.

Counting down the days to our arrival - we're aiming to be in Darwin in the early hours on Monday morning.

Position @ 18.15 (GMT +10): S10°42' E137°08'
Distance to Van Diemen Gulf: 286
Daily run: 135

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