Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inaugural meeting held on Kika

It was very exciting to discover Inga and Johan on Adriatica anchored close by us in Fanny Bay; we'd last seen them in Tanna when they weren't planning to come to Darwin. It gave us the chance to return the favour and invite them and Sten and Danika from Mata'irea over for a curry evening on Kika. After a few drinks we were reminiscing about our time fixing our boats in Whangarei. We realised that one thing we had in common was that we were all big fans of (stainless) Trevor and his Dockland 5 based workshop, without whose help our stay wouldn't have been nearly so enjoyable or productive; the evening became the inaugural meeting of the (stainless) Trevor fan club.
I'm sure once word gets out, we'll be inundated with membership requests from other boats who have passed through his Whangarei workshop.


(stainless) Trevor said...

Hey Nick & Charlotta,
Thanks heaps for your crazy photo. It is definately one of the highlights of the year, and put a smile on my dial!!. Of all the places to be thinking about - Whangarei - I am quite sure you need to seek professional help as soon as you get to some where civilised.
Well you guys have made good progress in a short time, and I must say you are all looking very trim and tanned so its obviously agreeing with you. I, on the other hand am going grey with all this shit liquid sunshine here .
Look after yourselves, thanks again for the pic

Cheshire Susanne said...

You can sign us up as members of the Trevor fan club. As much for his expertise as for David's visits over cups of tea whilst hiding from boat projects

Noa said...

we´ll definitely would like to become members of the Stainless-Trevor-Club, maybe we could open the aluminium branch