Monday, July 28, 2008

Top-end Darwin

So far Darwin has been highly sociable - meeting-up with recent friends and catching-up with many I haven't seen for a couple of years in the packed anchorage in Fanny Bay. Though the anchorage emptied on Saturday with the departure of the Indonesian rally. Looking on the bright side, the speed of the Wifi connection has increased dramatically and it's no longer necessarily to queue all day for the washing-machine. My clothes have had their first non-handwash since Noumea.Hopefully I'll catch-up with many of the boats over the next month or so in the Indonesia islands or Singapore. Others are bound west for Madagascar from where they'll head round "The Cape" so Darwin is the last chance to wish them well.
Boat jobs are proceeding steadily with the wind generator finally generating again. Though one job leads to another; while fixing the generator I spilt some acetone, which when I removed the "protective plastic" I'd laid down, had efficiently stripped an area of varnish from the recently revarnished floor.The folding bike has some new "puncture proof" tyres which allow me to more rapidly loose my way in Darwin.
I've an Australian SIM for my mobile - Vodafone seem to be giving them away. Feel free to call me on: +61420206296

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