Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Message from Charlotta

As I'm leaving the boat to fly back to Sweden, I've been thinking of a few hints that could be helpful for the next crew member joining Kika.

Firstly - if you are inexperienced or feel a little uncertain about anything boat related - don't worry - there's a full range library on board covering everything from "Boat owners mechanical and electrical manual" to "The cruiser's handbook of fishing".

If you think you will run out of topics for conversation during passages, or it's hard to follow Nick's story about critical engine details - not a problem. He easily find someone more understanding to chat to over the SSB radio.

Food is obviously a major source of enjoyment when sailing. However, Nick's great interest in fishing, in combination with his preference to eat the catch raw, makes cooking duties easy.

If you find Nick stocking up the boat with ridiculous quantities of grapefruits and lemons, just accept. It's normal for him. Same with his lifetime supply of soy-sauce and wasabi. Don't question.

If you happen to have a disagreement on an issue where your opinion counts, you can easily solve it by playing a game. The winner gets his/her will through.

If you are into music (Ed: and don't have too discerning taste) - lucky you! You've got Nick's well-fed iPod to dig into as well as enjoying his occasional trumpet practices and singing.

I'm sure you will enjoy your time onboard Kika, I've certainly had a good time.


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