Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can opener for sale

With a concerted effort we thought we'd probably finish off the yellow fin tuna we caught yesterday so we put out the line again. This evening the fridge is bulging with a decent sized mahi-mahi and the remains of the yellow fin. Charlotta added a new item to our fish menu - mahi-mahi roe. I'm not completely convinced, they seemed a little tasteless to my palette, but I'm assured that pike roe are delicious - not sure I'll get to taste that delicacy before Darwin.

It's been another easy trade-wind sailing day for Kika; but her crew have been hard at work deck swabbing, that is spreading oxalic acid and rubbing-in cutting compound and polish. The rust stains have vanished, the stainless steel is unstained and the decks, though still not exactly a mirror finish, are certainly reflecting more light.

I've been practicing a trumpet rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" for our radio "sked" on the 4th July. Charlotta's been questioning if I need to use the radio....

We've notified Australia customs of our impeding arrival - they require advanced notice and we've decided to head straight to Darwin without clearing-in at Thursday Island. We've given our date of arrival in Darwin as 15th July. Seems like a long way off with no provisioning stops, especially as we ran out of garlic today - imagine 13 days with no garlic. Perhaps I should allow medical science the chance to examine such a unique experiment on our arrive. Has anything like it ever been attempted before?

Irish music this evening, after I spotted an Irish friend's name on some coral we have to avoid while I was studying the chart for our reef entrance. Hello Brian, you're famous; Mcsweeny Reef @ S11deg01.59' E143deg14.88'

Position @ 19:00 (GMT +11): S12deg 35.8' E153deg 43.3'
Distance to Raine Island Entrance: 570
Daily run: 130

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