Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wet play

Another day of squalls and thick grey skies devoid of the promise of better weather to come. I woke with a 'wet play' sinking of the heart. As a teacher, days like today are dreaded because the playground will be off the menu due to inclement weather, and there will be no respite from the children throughout the whole school day! What does one do on days like that? Find solace in the form of food of course. Chocolate fudge brownies for breakfast, hot, wholesome soup for lunch and a big bowl of pasta for supper.

The one redeeming feature of the day was the fact that it was Andrew's (Revision II) birthday and sad though it may seem, we were a little excited because we had prepared a ditty on the trumpet and a poem for him which we broadcast over the SSB during our early 'chat time' with the flotilla. Poor Andrew had just woken up and sounded a bit groggy but very appreciative. George has done another stirling job today, managing to keep us on our rhumb line without too much tweaking. We are now on a port tack and hoping to converge with Zefferin sometime tomorrow though they are taking longer to catch up than we had anticipated. We are going to try talking to them on the VHF as they should soon come into range.

We tried catching some fish earlier in the day and had 4 bites but lost all 4 and 2 lures which was very annoying. Let's hope we have better luck tomorrow. Only 900 miles to go which is about 6 days a this rate, so we could be anchored in the Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, this time next week. Can't wait!

Position @ 20:50 UTC: S07°43' W123°52'
Daily distance run: 158 nm(estimated)
Distance to go: 892 nm
Cumulative distance: 1951 nm
Engine hours:0
Wind: SE/E 8-25 knots
Weather: mod/rough sea, 100% cloud cover, showers, 1011 millibars,
frequent squalls.

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