Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pacific birthday

Life doesn't get much better than this - delicious freshly caught fish, cake, birthday poetry, and great sailing on a smooth sea.

A poem from Kika's first mate read out on our morning net by Carolyn on Revision II:

A long, long time ago
Nickster's life was very different
He had a flat, a scooter and a job in management
He wore a tie, washed his clothes, showered every day
Visited All Bar One, Sainsbury's and the cinema on Sunday
Sometimes he'd talk with passion about circumnavigation
But he didn't really mean it, was just his imagination.

Then one happy day, he saw an amazing chance
'forget summer sailing in the Solent and in France!
Let's do it', he said excitedly 'Let's go for it now
Before it's too late and you realise just how...
Seasick you will get, how sunburnt and smelly,
Break out of your shackles Ellen, turn off that telly!'

So we did, and here we are, and doesn't it feel great
He's worked so hard to do it and I'm lucky I'm first mate.
He's handy with a spanner, clever with epoxy,
Understands the weather and when it comes to charts, he...
Uses good seamanship, plotting waypoints, taking bearings,
And as for his computer skills, he's not averse to sharing.

Kika's been a challenge, and Nick likes nothing more
Than sitting in her cockpit remembering her before...
He made the many changes to help us on our way
Generator, wind vane and a fridge that works ok.
In the galley he tries hard, not just opening a tin
and I don't mind being reminded lest I forget who's the Captain.

Nickster works hard and he deserves to have fun
He's made many friends in these latitudes of sun
And I know you'll all wish him safe sailing all the way
Till we get the the Marquesas where we can all celebrate his birthday.

From Will and Alyssa on Ragtime:

There was a young man named Nick
fixing things was his favorite trick,
On Kika his boat
he learnt how to float,
And fixed all that broke
with a big wad of notes.

Ellen, his first mate
he decided to date,
And impressed her no end
with his cruising friends,
So with Pedro in tow
they decided to go,
And sailed away
in the month of May,
With a dream of wind on the beam.

Their life in the sun
is so much fun,
Spending loads of notes
and getting broke,
But drinking beer and wine
makes everything fine,
They wouldn't go home
even if they were given the throne.

Nick's birthday's at sea
and if it were me,
I'd get drunk as a skunk
and pass out in my bunk,
We hope you get cake
and gifts poor Ellen has to make,
All aboard Ragtime
think you'll have a fine time,
So with your first mate
go celebrate!

Finally from Carolyn and Andrew on Revision II

Hi ya you two - finally got around to typing this up for you - not sure
it is really worthy of your blog but here you go!

We first met Nicholas Ager,
many moons ago in Graciosa,
with Ellen, Mark and Natalia in tow,
off to the bars they did go

But twas improvements to the good ship Kika
that joined the Nickster and the Neighbour!!
Nigel Calder was regaled,
while the new solar panal was unveiled.

Friendship followed with R2's crew and Cap't,
through regular emails and occasional chat,
we monitored the blog with eyes of green,
as Kika ventured off to places unseen.

Panama brought us back together,
and by now Nick is a real pro skipper.
Always one to lend and share,
even when a treasured tape meets disrepair! (sorry)

Often impressed by a trumpet performance,
although the cycling of clothes made us glance.
First principle cooking always the key,
to the jolly, smiley computer geek that's he!

So on your Birthday Nicholas,
lets raise a cheer and have a glass.
We feel honored to have you as our friend,
well beyond this journey's end.

x x

Position @ 18:30 UTC: S04° 04' W101° 01'
Daily distance run: 144
Distance to go: 2272
Cumulative distance: 610
Engine hours:0
Wind: SE/S 10-15knots
Weather: moderate sea, clear skies, 1012 millibars

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