Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fishing success

Great day yesterday. We woke to clear skies, a moderate sea with 15knots of SE wind and good intentions to make progress on the ratlines. However, things don't always turn out as intended...

There was noticeably more excitement on the morning net as boats started working out arrival dates and times. The wind is forecast to ease a little over the next few days so we haven't dared to name our arrival day yet. Our expectations of boat speed have also changed during this passage; now we start to get restless if we're making under 6.5knots, previously we would have been content with anything over 5knots. During breakfast the wind backed to the east, so a good half hour was used up as we changed from a broad-reach back to running down-wind with the genoa poled out.

Then I decided the bimini required some attention, so another hour passed as I attached scavenged lengths of elastic and assorted clips to our new side-shades.

Finally I sat down to study the impenetrable rigging handbook's advice on constructing ratlines, while Ellen set about baking carrot cake. An hour of study, searching for materials and a some dozing later and I was ready for action. Right on cue the fishing-line winch span, indicating a bite. So fish drill - now an orderly efficient process to prepare Kika for the imminent blood bath.

For the first time in days we landed our catch. A beautiful 60cm tuna, who didn't appear to take well to his new surrounding. It's surprising how long it takes to process and clean up after a landing a fish, but there wasn't much time to spare before the afternoon nets, followed by supper, all punctuated by breaks to sample the delicious carrot cake. We've a good few days' tuna in the fridge, but no progress on the ratlines, perhaps tomorrow...

Position @ 20:48 UTC: S09°20' W131°42'
Daily distance run: 162 nm
Distance to go: 418 nm
Cumulative distance: 2435 nm
Engine hours:0
Wind: E/ENE 15 knots
Weather: moderate sea, 20% cloud cover, 1009 millibars

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