Friday, June 16, 2006

Stitch in Time

Day 20 and we do have one ratline up which is looking and feeling very sturdy - a good start! As anticipated the wind has died somewhat and we are prepared for the lowest mileage of the passage when noon comes. We do only have 270 miles to go though so should be anchored in the Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva on Sunday.

Tuna is still on the menu with marinated and baked tuna with potato salad for lunch, and tuna curry for supper. We ate our supper sitting at the bow watching the free entertainment which comprised of about 20 of the most acrobatic dolphins we have seen. We watched them leaping, pirouetting and belly flopping with a breathtaking sunset as their backdrop. Nick left after about half an hour, but I thought it would be rude to go before they had finished! Eventually the sun went down and I couldn't see anything so felt it was safe to leave without causing offence.

Drama came yesterday in the form of sail damage. Our main has a rip going almost the entire length of the foot. Fortunately it is below the first reef, so we immediately put one reef in to prevent further damage and enable us to use it on this last leg. Alas, we will have some serious stitching to do when we make landfall.

Position @ 21:03 UTC: S09°48' W134°0'
Daily distance run: 140 nm
Distance to go: 278 nm
Cumulative distance: 2575 nm
Engine hours:0
Wind: E 10 knots
Weather: moderate/slight sea, 40% cloud cover, 1010 millibars

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