Monday, June 05, 2006

Best Daily Run

Another great sail! Beautiful day with consistent wind and a moderate sea although the wave height has increased significantly. Fortunately the interval between waves is sufficient to keep us relatively comfortable. Having some variety to the seascape in the form of peaks and troughs is much more interesting to watch than a flat calm surface. It's mesmerising the way they merge and peak and the effect they have on the hull (or perhaps I should just get out more!) No wildlife to speak of except flocks of fleeing flying fish and some hardy storm petrels, 800 miles from land, but we are ever hopeful of spotting less plentiful sea creatures.

Currently we are on a course which will take us south of the Marquesas, but we are hoping that the wind will veer to the south enabling us to sail on a broad-reach on the rhumb line direct to our waypoint just south of Fatu Hiva.

Position @ 18:58 UTC: S04°41' W103°33'
Daily distance run: 156
Distance to go: 2116
Cumulative distance: 749
Engine hours:0
Wind: SE 10-15knots
Weather: moderate sea, clear skies, 1011 millibars

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