Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Message from Ellen

Well, we have managed to rig the computer so it's working from the mains, so here's an update. Current position 045.28'.2N, 007.37'.2W. 11.55 BST. It's a lovely day, though the sea is still a bit roly (sp?) We have blue skies and a good Northerly breeze - perfect weather for burning (don't worry mum, I've got my cream on!) We have good news and bad news.
I'll get the bad over with: Nick's not sleeping. During my watch from midnight till 4, I came below several times and the creaking and groaning were deafening. All the tea-towels had been stuffed in gaps and crannies, but there we're still loud squeaks emanating from various places particularly the engine and as we know, any suspected problems from that area are taken very seriously (and quite rightly so!). Poor Nick's eyes were red with tiredness. Anyway, he seems sprightly enough now and he'll hopefully get some sleep this afternoon and be fresh for approaching La Corona. We can investigate the creaks there and work on noise limitation.
The good news is that I've got my sea legs. They must have crept up on me as I was asleep(something I seem to be doing remarkably well despite the noises) and I confirmed their presence by coming down below and cooking us both an omelette this morning! I have been really seasick and wasn't keeping water or pills down, but they said it would pass and it has - hurrah!
Also, during my watch yesterday evening, I saw a whale. It blew off not more that 12 feet from the boat. Haven't a clue what type as I only saw it's back before it submerged again but it was big. The part I saw was easily the size of the cockpit! It was so slow and graceful - it didn't scare me at all. I think Nick has already mentioned the dolphins and they were fantastic - took me out of my seasick stupour for a short time. Anyway, we should reach our first foreign port mid-morning tomorrow (your birthday, Mum.) We plan to spend a few days there and then make our way slowly down the coast.

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