Sunday, August 28, 2005


After the trauma of our approach to Coruna, we were very grateful to jump onto the pontoon and secure our mooring lines. Having been at sea for 5 days, walking on solid ground was quite strange and it took a while to adjust. We finished boat jobs and slept for a few hours. Then came the first shower for 5 days - bliss! That evening, Sylvia (a fellow teacher in London) and Louis came to pick us up. Their home town is Cariño, a couple of hours eastward up the coast from here. Sylvia and I had tentatively arranged a meeting and she was surprised to hear my voice on Wednesday telling her we were approaching Spain. She was even more surprised that we had not stopped in Carino but had actually sailed on past to Caruna. Everyone we met over the next two days (and we met quite a few) couldn't believe that 'they sailed straight past us. Why didn't they stop?' They clearly thought we were strange people to be sailing round the world, and also found it difficult to understand why we would want to go anywhere else now we had found Carino. Their pride in their town was very refreshing and their strong sense of community enviable. It was fiesta week there and we we able to get a real taste of life in a Spanish town including plenty of local food and drink.

Everyone was very welcoming and curious. Introductions would go something like this 'Pedro, meet Ellen and Nick. They are the two with the yacht who sailed past us' 'What, the 2 with the yacht who sailed past us?´ Why did you pass us? Maria, come and meet the 2 with the yacht who sailed past us!' and so it went on.

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