Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Adios to La Coruna

We got up early yesterday morning intending to leave La Coruna & head off for a Corme (N 43deg 14', W 008deg 58'); a small anchorage a days sail away. Unfortunately La Coruna was blanketed in fog, so we might as well have had a lie in, but we hoped that it was just early morning mist and would quickly burn off. Instead it stuck around until the mid-afternoon and we didn't fancy dodging fishing boats in limited visibility. It was probably for the best anyway as we needed diesel and couldn't make it into the fuel berth until mid-tide; around 11.30.Unusually - rather than work on the boat - we spent the day sight seeing including a fish identification session at the market and a hunt for the memorial to Sir John Moore.
We tracked down and bought some of the famous small green peppers that we were introduced to by Silva and Louis, which are fantastic fried and covered with salt.Visibility is much better this morning so we set off into a wind-less sea. The engine is running well again - but after an hour the wind picked up, unfortunately from the west, so now we're beating into a force 4.
The good news is the wind-vane self-steering is finally working and has been steering for the boat for the last 4 hours. If the wind holds we should be in Corme early evening. Sailed past a flapping around on its side it gave us a hard stare and flopped off.A sunfish
A sunfish

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Matt said...

Hi there, Just finished reading all your posts to date it sounds fantastic. I was laughing when I read about Nick's dinghy experience having done the same with the buckets on Tilly Witch. We had a good holiday and were very close to Ushant. But land locked unfortunately. We did cook a lot of fish though. Can I email you directly or is this the best way.Love to you both Matt Kate Eleanor and William