Sunday, February 15, 2009

Return of the acrobatic dolphins

The days are developing a pattern; check email, organize meals, tune into the radio net, perform boat checks, make essential repairs, listen into the BBC news, interspersed by reading and boat projects if there's enough time. The rhythm is occasionally punctuated by moments of excitement such as today's acrobatic dolphin visit or the whizzing of the fishing reel, announcing a potential change of menu. The dolphin visit was incredible, one dolphin performing back flips and tail slaps until finishing its stunning display with three cartwheels - amazing.

The sea and wind have eased a little making for some of the best ocean sailing I've had, although it would be even better if the wind would veer from NNE to NE or even better the E, allowing me to ease the sheets and sail at a less precarious angle.

Position @ 12:00 (GMT+5), 15/02/2009: N6deg 39' E067deg08'
Distance to Gulf of Aden: 990
Engine Hours: 0
Daily run: 137

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