Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arrival of the wind

What a difference a day makes. Gone is the lethargic wind of yesterday and in its place a 15 knot trade wind has finally established itself.

There are a few hours between dusk and the moon rising when there's only star light. What a fantastic display. The southern cross is still visible although it's tilted on its side and heading towards the horizon as I climb the latitudes. After marvelling at the stars for a while I decided I should try to understand my potential foes a little better and what better way than watching a DVD of "Pirates of the Caribbean". The almost total darkness outside and the slow rolling progress of the boat seemed to add to the atmosphere. Almost perfectly timed for the end of the film, the wind picked up and it was time to take the electronics down. Books can dry out - electronics and salt water aren't best of bedfellows as my newly dead camera can attest to after the "waterproof" case leaked.

The wind-vane steered throughout the night at a steady 3 knots and at dawn this morning the wind increased again since when we've been speeding along 6-7 knots almost in the right direction! It's a relief to be making decent progress again - even without a deadline to aim for.

The fishing line is out again as I'm finishing off the Tuna in Ceviche this evening (thanks Mata'irea for the recipe).

Position @ 12:00 (GMT+5), 14/02/2009: N5deg 47.3' E 69deg17.1'
Distance to Gulf of Aden: 1127
Daily run: 95
engine: 4 hours

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