Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Indian Ocean relaxation

It is another beautiful sailing day in the Indian Ocean, though I'm not setting any speed records. The others in the convoy are slowly catching up, they've gained 10 miles over the last 24 hours, but I'm still 80 miles ahead; I figure it'll be easier to slow down, than to speed up if I need to.

I still seem to be south of the shipping - the radar detector has been incredibly quiet since leaving Male' - I've never known such an empty ocean. Even though my daily plots show I'm getting close to the Gulf, I feel like I'm so used to seeing nothing but ocean stretching out to the horizon, that it's going to be strange seeing land or even ships breaking into the otherwise flat vista.

Again no exciting fishing news to report - three days now without a bite - could be time for a radical rethink tomorrow.

Position @ 12:00 (GMT+ 5), 17/02/09: N8deg 40' E064deg 59'
Distance to Gulf of Aden: 545
Engine Hours: 0
Daily run: 92

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