Friday, August 22, 2008

Slow going

We managed 26 hours without resorting to the engine, but finally gave in at 6am this morning when there wasn't enough wind to stem the current. The forecast has promised a decent SE trade today, but no sign so far. Still at least the sea is calm enough to allow us to sail in the feeble breeze. The sails still empty and fill as we roll on the swell, but not in the nerve jarring way I've suffered from on other passages.

It looks like the 4 day passage I predicted will turn into at least 6 days, but there's enough to keep us diverted with French lessons, fishing, dolphin visits, attempts to fix the autopilot and radio chats with Lasse.

Position @ 07:00 (GMT+9.30): S11deg 27.7' E126deg 49.8'
Distance to waypoint (channel between Roti and West Timor): 213
Daily run: 73

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