Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First taste of Indonesia

Nemberala proved to be a perfect little anchorage, set in a coral break, backed by a small town and frequented by fishermen, surfers and sailors. I'm still surprised by how different cultures and countries can be. Darwin is less than 450 miles away and yet could be on a different planet altogether - then again somehow the "David Beckham" brand seems to transcend the cultures. Another striking difference is in the design of the fishing boats:

We spent a couple of days in Nemberala, catching up on sleep, celebrating Ina's birthday with our friends from Lasse and taking our first tentative steps in Indonesian.
Strange to find oneself once again struggling to communicate with only the basic greetings mastered - still with a bit of inventive mime we discovered a cave (not that we were particularly looking for it) and the way to the Tuesday morning market.

After trying unsuccessfully to haggle and even resorting to borrowing Neils and Lisa - the blond Lasse children - to try for better prices we eventually replenished our vegetable stores and decided to head north towards the island of Flores.Nemerala: S10° 52.9' E122°49.13'

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