Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nemberala, Indonesia

Around 8am this morning we dropped anchor in the coral break at Nemberala, Roti, Indonesia; almost 6 days out from Darwin. Longer than the anticipated 4-5 days, but just short enough to arrive in time for Ina's birthday on Monday.

I feel far more exhausted after this passage than after completing longer voyages. Perhaps the conditions were sufficiently varied, not to allow us to adjust to passage-making, in combination with the last few nights threading our way through the local fishing fleet, not to mention the farewell party on the night before our departure. Whatever the reason, I'm looking forward to an undisturbed night's sleep tonight.

Yesterday just before sunset we caught up with Lasse and much fun ensued, taking video and photos.... now that's entertainment.Slightly disconcertingly the chart covering this area contains the following warning:
Piracy warnings are transmitted daily by the Regional Piracy Countermeasures Centre (RPCC) at Kuala Lumpur
Do the staff of the "Regional Piracy Countermeasures Centre" enjoy the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films? Perhaps they'd be concerned about the glamorisation of the pirate life. They could fight back with a drama documentary - 24 hours in the life of the "Regional Piracy Countermeasures Centre"; a cross between 24 and Baywatch. Perhaps it's already been filmed. Just hope we won't be needing their services.

Position in Nemberala anchorage: S10° 52.9' E122°49.13'

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