Friday, November 24, 2006

Guest Entry: The Godfather arrives in Auckland

So the Godfather and Godmother (not sure whose but I bet she is some lucky kids') arrived safely. At around 1.30 pm on the 12th November Kika sailed into Auckland Marina. By the time Tess, my daughter, and I had found the correct pontoon a fair sized crowd had already gathered.
helping hand
I assumed they were antipodean relatives of Ellen's who had just interbred a little too much but thankfully they turned out to be a group of very concerned boat owners. Nick and Ellen it seems had been making their way through the Marina in quite an erratic fashion and boaties were having to fend off Kika in order to save their own babies. Anyway Nick finally, after a year and a half, managed to master the gears and throttle and bring Kika safely (sic) into the correct berth.
tying up
It looked like a sailing performance from a couple of complete novices so you can imagine the look of shock on the crowd's face when I told them that Nick and Ellen had in fact just sailed half way round the world. Some of them crossed their chests and praised the lord, some knelt down and wept and thanked Jesus that their boat hadn't been sunk by Kika who at 13 tonnes (this is apparently very heavy for a yacht of her size) was not going to be taking any prisoners and some just didn't believe me and the irrefutable fact that miracles can still happen.

Anyway after that entry and a year and a half on the high seas the captain and his able sea lady looked a little shell-shocked. They needed time and drink before recovering and finding their bearings plus excuse for their entry which they attributed to the gears on the engine not engaging and finding it difficult to get Kika into reverse.
How they could blame 'she' that has so valiantly looked after them through some of the world's most treacherous seas did surprise me a little but I think being isolated out on the ocean for so long can do strange things to the mind and perhaps on reflection they will take a long hard look at themselves and try to sharpen up on marina entries (something they had apparently not done since their days in Spain).Of great sadness and shock to us was obviously the news that my very own Posh and Becks (please forgive me but any visitor who sails here on a boat from England gets treated like royalty) had split up somewhere in the Pacific. I don't understand it because they looked so fantastic on arrival and were a joy to spend time with even if the story of their voyage did go on a little too long - however I would just like to reassure all relatives in England and friends all around the world that they both seem in very good spirits and just need some time alone.
It may be quite a long time that they want to spend on their own but please respect their wishes and give them all your love and support. As a man of modest relationship experience I would just like to add a philosophical note here and say that it sometimes seems that those nearest and dearest to us are both the thorniest and horniest.

So Ellen is currently trying out a new mode of transport in the form of a camper van and Nick has just started to strip Kika's engine. Luckily he began this project after a fantastic weekend of sailing on Kika with me and my two boys (Charlie and Tom).Nick slept in the stern (back) of the boat, Charlie in the bow (front) and Tom and I took the deluxe double bed in the main cabin where the table drops and becomes a bed (marvellous design).Tom slept on the left (starboard) and I slept on the right (port). Now I have this awful nagging feeling that I may have got that the wrong way round but Nick isn't around to check these facts with. Anyway this evening I tried to encourage my wife to come and spend a night on the boat with me because I have always fancied having her on the table but she refused.

A huge round of applause for Auckland's very own Posh and Becks who have done something truly amazing.

Over and out from your correspondent in the antipodese.

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