Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Zealand in Sight

It's Sunday morning and we are 20 miles from Opua. We've had a long windless night but all is well. The sea is flat and there's plenty of blue sky.

We can see Cape Brett on the north east of New Zealand and it looks very dramatic. Opua is in the Bay of Islands and we're not really sure what to expect other than lovely scenery. We don't know how commercial it is nor how busy. I'm hoping for a level of development that may include a cafe and laundry (what's new?) and if it is so developed that it has hot showers, I won't grumble. Nick is very excited because he hasn't washed his hair in 10 days and in that time, he believes it has started to 'self-clean'. Hmmmm....I fear it won't be long before this 'self-cleaning' miracle spreads to other areas such as washing up and bedlinen! Oh woe!

Most of the boats we know chose to make this their landfall, so we're hoping for some friendly faces to cheer us in. More later.

Distance to go - 20 nm
Position @ 07:38 S34°58' E174°24'

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Anonymous said...

Well done for makign it to the other side of the world. I was watching Master adn COmmander again at the weekend and thought of you!

Why not relax in NZ, settle in, enjoy it and hang around for a few years? See you there!