Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Making Progress

At last, we are making progress in almost the right direction. The wind has backed to the SSW and we can make a WSW course though the lumpy sea is making it quite heavy going. It feels like we're doing 8 knots with all the spray, noise and motion, but in fact we are only doing 5-6.

Despite the challenge that the wind has posed for us, this passage has been the most enjoyable for me so far as I haven't felt seasick - it makes such a difference as the whole experience is less of a struggle and more fun. I'm sure Nick feels the same!

Yesterday was spent cooking, reading, chatting and sleeping. We've been looking out for wildlife, but not much other than the odd solitary sea bird and a flying fish which happened to land on my lap last night. Busy day planned today with fishing and boat improvements on the agenda although I do feel loathe to drag out the sewing machine and start working on the deck shade when the boat's heeling 25 degrees. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I prefer not to dice with gravity where a sewing machine the weight and size of an anvil is concerned. If it's calm though, I'll have a go.

Position @ 0200 (0700 UTC): N03°07' W82°21'

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