Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First Catch of the Trip

Over the past 24 hours we have had intermittent wind from the southeast, and our speed has ranged from 7 knots to 3. The sea is also very 'sloppy' meaning waves come from different directions and Kika rolls this way and that amongst them. So, not the most comfortable of starts but things should improve. Despite the conditions, I have not felt sick and was able to cook a delicious lunch this afternoon with the beautiful mahi-mahi we had just caught.

It has been pretty cloudy since we set off and we have just been through a rain shower which has cooled everything down further. It's much more pleasant not to be sailing in direct sunlight as the heat is, not surprisingly, quite savage.

As well as the mahi-mahi and many hardy little petrels which accompany us, we spotted 2 whales blowing off in the distance yesterday. We were too far away to identify them other than they were very big! No sign of any other vessels out here - we would feel pretty lonely if we didn't have the SSB, but as it is we have been able to chat to friends in the mornings and evenings - keeps us sane (I hope!)

Position @ 18:38 UTC: S02°36' W94°07.0'

Daily distance run: 122 nm
Distance to go: 2696 nm
Cumulative distance: 2696 nm
Engine hours: 0
Wind: SE/S 10-15 knots
Weather: moderate sea, overcast, 1010 millibars

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