Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Enda Brenda?

Some of you more observant viewers of the blog may have noticed a slight change in our equipment i.e. that of our new, smart Carib dinghy as featured in recent photographs. Many of our cruising friends have been admiring our new acquisition and even enjoying dry trips within her beguiling, prodigious tubes, but, like you, have also voiced concern as to the whereabouts of our old grey Avon, Brenda. Well, it's no use pretending, Brenda has certainly been superseded but we felt that was no reason to neglect her so she has been cleaned and stowed in her old home in the forepeak, and is ready for action should anybody ever need her. She has many more years of service left but sadly her design is redundant and we were powerless to resist the modern, curvy lines of the new generation dinghies with their promise of a dry, comfortable trip ashore and even a little fun if we get a more powerful outboard (Nigel's next on the list for replacement!). Our new dinghy is called Jordan and she is pretty magnificent, we're sure you will agree. Those pelicans certainly did!

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