Friday, December 30, 2005

We`ve arrived

At about 0400 boat time I noticed a faint smudge of light dead ahead - the telltale sign of civilisation. It was a welcome sight. The rest of my watch passed pretty quickly with the excitement of seeing landfall. We had one of the best night`s sailing with a strong NE wind and at times we seemed to be racing toward the land.

We dropped sails at about 1000 and motored in to Le Marin. It`s beautiful. They say you can smell the land and I THINK I did - it smelt of mammals (but that could have been Nick!) Seeing Kika at anchor she looks none the worse for wear, but she has acquired an alarming number of molluscs on her bottom!


brendangibson said...

Well done you two!

I've been following your blog since you started and am very pleased that you have got across the Atlantic successfully.

I am hugely jealous that you are now going to spend the forseeable future in the sunny Carribean, while I waste away the licence fee money in front of a computer in drizzly Londres.

Les&Jane said...

Dear Nick and Ellen,

Fantastic! Brilliant! Well done you two. It's wonderful to vicariously get such a thrill from seeing where you are and what you have been up to. How is Martinique? Here is sunshine and laughter, probably much the same as where you are. OK, not much sunshine, but we can dream!

Love to you both,
Les and Jane and Joe and Laura