Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good winds lumpy seas

All well onboard, if a little roly. Still trying to match sleep patterns to our watch system. Clear night, but currently overcast.

We're making as much south-westerly progress as we can before we head into an area of high-pressure and possibly suffer from light SW head winds (probably Sat).
lighter winds predicted
lighter winds predicted

We've been able to use the Sea-me alarm for the first-time in the trip. It sounds an alarm if it detects any radar in the area. It's reassuring having it but doesn't mean we can be any less vigilant; there's a Atlantic rowing race in our area and other craft without radar.
Position at local noon (13.05 UTC): 24deg 39'N 18deg 28'W.
Daily distance run: 135nm; Engine hours: 0
Distance to go: ~ 2450nm
Conditions: ENE 15-20knots, NE 3metre swell, 1016 millibars steady.

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