Friday, December 09, 2005

Halfway to Cape Verde

Sunny day out here on the Atlantic. We are gradually getting into the rhythm of our watch system and are adjusting to life on board. Nick is cooking some bacon as we speak and I am managing to write this while sitting below.

The winds have been really favourable so far and we have made good speed but judging from the weather this morning, that is about to change with light winds from the south west meaning we may have to do some tacking but we'll see. Once again, I have seen many shooting stars and the night skies have been fabulous.

I'm finding the 12-6 watches are going ok. The off-watch berth is in the stern cabin so the on-watch can come below and potter around (sickness permitting). I've been passing the time by listening to the iPod, reading and exercising as well as a
little looking out now and again! Mostly I sit up in the cockpit which is now much more pleasant since we had the mainsail adapted to enable us to keep the spayhood up while underway.

I had scheduled a chat with Nat on Freespirit at 0330 and it was great to have that to look forward to - good practice for my radio confidence too! As far as wildlife is concerned, we've seen nothing. Hopefully it's all to come.

Position at local noon (13.10 UTC): 22deg 36'N 19deg 38'W.
Daily distance run: 145nm; cumulative distance: 395:
Engine hours: 0
Distance to go: ~ 2305nm

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