Monday, March 16, 2009

Slowly north towards Sudan

I'm slowly making my way towards Khor Nawarat, Sudan. I will have taken 48 hours to make the mere 140 miles to the anchorage from Harmil island. The winds have been light and ahead of me and my actual track tells a different story, of a busy zig-zaging northwards. Still so far it's easy sailing, none of the short-steep waves the Red Sea is infamous for and I'm clear of the shipping lanes so the radar has been silent all day.

I'm still finishing off the large tuna of a couple of days ago, but the fish have been taunting me, jumping out of the water around the boat - big tasty-looking fish. They gave me little choice than to put the line in again. In no time, I'd hooked a small mahi-mahi. Its size gives me an excuse for another go tomorrow.
Position @ 23:00 N17deg56' E38deg50'

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