Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great push north: day 2

Today felt a little like the calm before the storm. The sea was flat, the wind from behind, making for very pleasant sailing. However the winds are forecast to increase and shift to the north, but not as strongly as normal so I'm taking my chances. I've been making the most of the calm day, by airing the pillows and sheets, baking bread, giving the engine a little love in the form of an oil change, and decanting diesel from the extra cans I bought in Aden that look like they're about to burst their contents at any moment.

The obstacle ahead is the aptly named "Foul Bay". A coral strewn bay with only tenuous or difficult entry anchorages meaning there's 130 miles between safe havens. Although the favourable southerly disappears overnight I can't see a better weather window appearing in the next week so rather than waiting an indeterminate time for the perfect winds, I'm motoring into moderate seas with a head wind. While sensible boats have found a beautiful secure anchorage on the Sudanese coast and are sipping their first sun-downer, I'm bouncing around in the dark. It's not pleasant, but I'm slowly making my way across the bay. The strong northerlies resume on the 24th so I'm saving my sun-downers for then.

Position @ 20:00 (21/3/2009): N22deg07' E37deg01'

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