Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tropical Storm Delta

The storm hit us and Tenerife last night around 8pm.
The strength of the wind was incredible, with the gusts filling the air with debris. The deafening noise of the wind was frightening. I wasn't watching the wind speed indicator but other people clocked 65-75knots of wind in the harbour. We survived with only the loss of the barbeque lid - we stupidly forgot to take it in, despite spending most of the day preparing Kika. Other people haven't fared as well, with many of the finger pontoons breaking away and boats bashing against each other during the night. The prefab shower block was blown 10m; so cockpit showers from now on. We feel really lucky that we picked a pontoon that didn't significantly break up.


Ian said...

Sounds like a dramatic storm! Am relieved to hear that all those weather forecast books meant you were still in harbour...am sure you'll have read them by now!?!?
And at least you'll easily be able to see when the barbecue goes out :-)
keep us posted and take care, Ian
ps hope u didn't leave the washing out!!

tony said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic experience, and i know that you've been planning for every eventuality, but before you set sail across the Atlantic....have you got a guitar on board? (Mull of Kintyre is mainly Dmajor and G7)
Great blog you two.
Take care