Sunday, November 27, 2005

Storm bound in Tenerife

We've been working hard provisioning and completing boat preparations in anticipation that we'd leave for the Caribbean as soon as we could. On Wednesday when the canvas work was well underway, it looked as though everything would be ready to leave by today (Sunday). The good news is that we're ready to leave - the bad news is that weather isn't. Tropical storm Delta is heading our way, meaning that even if we decided to leave now, we'd be suffering from strong, if not gale force, head-winds in a couple of days as we sail south down the coast of Africa towards the Cape Verdes.

Storm Delta
Storm Delta

So we've decided to stay put, along with the majority of the yachts here, until trade winds re-establish themselves - probably towards the end of next week. As we're leaving later than we'd planned, we're considering heading straight for Martinique rather than stopping in the Cape Verdes.

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Avery's mom said...

wow, I just stumbled across your blog and its terrific! it's so intresting to see you pictures and read about your travels.
good luck on you voyage