Saturday, October 01, 2005

Portuguese Pantry

Do tuna and tomato sauce go together? THAT is the question. No, is my answer, and this is the reason why I would NEVER, EVER have tuna on my pizza. Many of you, like Skipper Nick, with taste buds which may be a little less evolved, may disagree, and that's fine by me. The danger is, when you feel a little queasy on passage, and a dish is suggested, all judgment and experience flies out the cockpit, your stomach (which hasn't got a clue what it wants anymore as the trauma of sickness takes hold) overrules your head, and you acquiesce, with a grateful smile, conscious that your presence is becoming less of an asset and more of a burden by the minute, and that in a few hours he'll probably be faced with the prospect of doing your watch AND his, while poking your sick through the tiny galley plughole. So, if the guy wants to cook tuna neopolitana with pasta twirls, let him, for Neptune's sake! WRONG! Under no circumstances let the nausea compromise your judgment. It'll only end in tears. (Skippers note - Why DO they make those plugholes so small?)

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